Coining it in in time for Christmas


The Martin Lewis Money Show (Friday, November 28 ITV, 8pm)

What’s It All About? Financial journalist Martin Lewis has been frequenting our screens for years now, giving insider tips on how we can further tighten our purse-strings during these hard-up times.

So it’s with open arms and loud cheers that we welcome him back to the telly, alongside reporter Saira Khan - and it’s come at just the right time, and given the time of the year, there’s a noticeable theme to this first episode.

The series kicks off on what’s become known as ‘Black Friday’, the date marking the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. But if you’re already fretting because you don’t even know where to start when it comes to present-buying this year, Martin will be listing all the essential deals that you expect to find in stores and online.

Meanwhile, Martin and Saira visit a family in Hertfordshire for a personal stock take of all their belongings to help them raise money to pay for Christmas.

The Christmas Ideal Home Show is also on Martin and Saira’s to-do list this week, as they give members of the public handy tips on how to drum up a bit of extra cash for the festive period.