Comedy duo reunite for road trip


The Trip To Italy (Friday, April 11, BBC2, 10pm)

What’s It All About? Two blokes; one car; several Italian restaurants; lots of impressions. That’s the beauty of this fantastic journey, or viaggio fantastico: you could write the pitch on the back of a napkin.

Director Michael Winterbottom has re-teamed with regular collaborator Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon to recapture the witty banter from the first series.

The hook for that show: Coogan was reviewing assorted British eateries for a broadsheet, and Brydon was a last-minute replacement when Coogan’s girlfriend dropped out.

It was just them either in a motor, in assorted restaurants or pottering around British landmarks, talking about life, winding each other up and doing impressions.

Simple, intelligent, occasionally touching and often hilarious, released here as a BBC2 series and as a movie in the States.

This second episode, partly set at sea, is a welcome break from the road trip format.

Look Out For: Those impressions, especially Coogan’s Frank Spencer, and old favourites Roger Moore, Michael Caine, Alan Bennett and Hugh Grant.