Community grants to be announced in Midlothian

A total of 173 community groups and charities could be in line for a share of grants totalling more than £3.6 million over the next three years.

The council received 216 applications as part of the new awards process, which will see funding reduced from around £1.5 million a year to £1 million by 2017/18.

The scoring panel is recommending 21 applicants should receive the full amount applied for, 153 would get partial funding and 43 applicants would get no funding.

Every applicant, whether successful or unsuccessful, will be informed by letter once the grants have been approved at the full council meeting on Tuesday 16 December.

Council Leader Councillor Owen Thompson said: “Many thanks to everyone who has applied.

“We will have to make some very tough decisions and obviously there will be winners and losers.

“What I would stress though is that the process has been rigorous, robust and consistent.

“For the first time, previously closed grant streams have been opened up to new applicants, we are providing certainty about funding for a three year period and we have protected small grants (under £3000) through an annual small grants fund.

“The grants represent only a proportion of council funding of the voluntary sector. The council and partners are increasingly delivering services through the voluntary sector in areas such as community care and new health and social care arrangements.”

There is no appeals process. However, there is a transition fund that applicants can apply to and an action plan to provide further support to grant applicants is being developed.