‘Compensation culture’ costs Midlothian Council £1m

Midlothian Council has paid out more than £1 million in compensation over the past five years – including £31,039 to someone hurt when their bus went over a speed bump.

Despite having the sixth smallest population in Scotland, Midlothian came 11th out of 24 local authorities in a league of payouts compiled by the Scottish Conservatives, who branded some of the payouts “ridiculous”.

It shows that councils paid out more than £33 million to settle nearly 13,000 compensation claims over five years. In Midlothian, a total of £1,061,000 was paid out.

Falkirk Council paid out the most – £6.7 million – closely followed by Fife at £5.2 million and Edinburgh at £3.2 million.

The majority of claims involved vehicle accidents, trips on pavements and potholes, and problems with council housing.

Other instances included a minibus being blown into a vehicle, costing £2,000, and a payout of £22,000 when a vessel was damaged by a pier.

Read full story in the January 3 edition of the Midlothian Advertiser.