Concern over Loanhead superstore crossing

Traffic lights at the new ASDA, Loanhead.
Traffic lights at the new ASDA, Loanhead.

A LOANHEAD pensioner has claimed that the design of a new pedestrian crossing leaves much to be desired.

Safety campaigner Janet Robertson (73) has raised concerns with Midlothian Council about the crossing at the A701, adjacent to the newly-opened Asda superstore.

Mrs Robertson, who lives in Pentland Park residential caravan park, told the Advertiser: “It is dreadful, it really is. You press the button, but you can’t see the green man because you are facing the wrong way.”

The pensioner, who has long campaigned for a crossing on this busy road, welcomed the installation of the crossing, but claimed its design was a “serious situation”.

“It is crazy that people should come out and have to turn to look at it. I can’t believe it. What is the point of having a green man if you can’t see it to cross, and have to turn your back to the traffic?”

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