Continuing to spread kindness in Midlothian

Rose Findlay
Rose Findlay

A group set-up to help a family whose Christmas was wiped out by a fire has overseen the donation of hundreds of items to local people in need.

Rose Findlay set-up the Facebook page ‘Spreading Kindness and Joy to Others’ with cousins Shona Miller and Tasha Miller after their younger cousin Nicole Harvie lost her Mayfield home in a fire on December 1. After the cousins made an appeal for toys on social media Nicole and her three boys were able to enjoy Christmas.

Since then the women have continued the group, calling on people to tell them what items they need and then encouraging donations.

Rose Findlay told the Advertiser: “It has started pretty well. We just sort of keep an eye on it. It’s running itself now really, which is good. I just check the page once a day.

“People go on and say if they need something. ‘I’m moving home’. ‘I have found out I’m pregnant’. Or ‘I’m suffering financially can anyone help?’

“There is always something up. We had a 12 foot trampoline last week. There was nothing wrong with it. The lady just wanted rid of it.

“There has been everything, from cookers to children’s toys. I would say that since we opened there has been 3/400 items donated and it’s still on-going.

“Because it’s sort of running itself now there is no point in stopping it. It’s always there for people that need it.”

Rose praised those donating to the page.

She said: “It’s been a great response since we started.

“Rather than making money for themselves they are just helping people out. It’s human kindness. Which is what we are all about. Especially nowadays when you hear all the things that go on.

“So I’m quite pleased that my two cousins and I set it up.

“At the moment I don’t really know what the future holds.

“I would hope that in a couple of years time we could open a shop and get a charity group set-up.”