Cost of a drink in Midlothian? £44.5 million!

alcohol-related harm may have cost Midlothian up to £44.54 million last year, figures have revealed.

Profiles showing how much alcohol-related harm costs each local authority area in Scotland have been published by Alcohol Focus Scotland ahead of its annual licensing conference. It is the first time such an analysis has been carried out to show the total cost of health, crime, social care and productive capacity at a local authority area level.

In Midlothian, for 2010/11, alcohol-related harm cost the health service £3.44m. This included hospital admissions, A&E attendances, ambulance journeys, outpatient attendances, alcohol services, prescription costs and GP consultations. The data reveals that £814,986 was spent on general hospital admissions, while psychiatric hospital admissions cost the taxpayer £610,681.

In the area of crime, a total of £10.57m was spent.

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