Cost of Gorebridge street rebuild spelt out

The detailed costs of demolishing and rebuilding Newbyres Crescent have been revealed, amid questions about the total figure.

When news of the decision to spend £11.5 million re-building the 64 homes was revealed on our website last Tuesday, the cost of the work was questioned by readers.

One post said: “The average price of a house in Gorebridge is less than £130,000. Multiply that by 64 houses and the cost is £8.3 million. Where is the extra £3.2 million going? How is Midlothian Council managing to spend more on these houses than they would have to spend if they just bought property on the market?”

Midlothian Council has revealed that the total capital cost will be £10.2m. As part of that figure £9.5m will be spent on rebuilding at Newbyres Crescent, with the rest on demolition of the homes currently there.

The total revenue costs will be £1.3m, £1.1m of which covers the cost of moving tenants from the street.

Council Leader, Owen Thompson (SNP), said: “This will mean a massive boost for our social housing provision in the local area, and shows that we are dealing effectively with this exceptional problem.

“Going forward, the remainder of the residents are due to move out and we will get on with developing plans for the Newbyres site.”

The demolition of the site is likely to take place next year.

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