Council blazes a trail in pothole repair

The repair can be carried out in damp conditions.
The repair can be carried out in damp conditions.

An innovative product, used for repairing holes on airport runways, is being used successfully to repair Midlothian’s potholed roads.

Midlothian Council is the first authority in the UK to use ‘BG Quick’, which originates from the Czech Republic.

The council, which began small trials of the product during January and February when the ice and snow was on the ground, have decided to extend the repairs.

Councillor Wilma Chalmers, commercial operations spokesman, said: “In the current financial climate where councils are finding it difficult to fund road repairs, Midlothian Council has found this to be a more effective product for carrying out quick, safe repairs.”

The council has said this product has a number of advantages over traditional products and methods including being easy to apply, able to be walked or driven upon in 20 minutes, cost effective, long lasting, water resistant, and safe.

A recent repair was carried out on steps in Bellmans Road, Penicuik. The steps, which had been subject to extensive wear and tear would have cost £60,000 to replace, but using the new product, a repair was carried out at a fraction of the price.

Midlothian Council’s road’s operations manager Mark Rankine said: “The Czech Republic has harsher weather than we do but have found BG Quick to be very durable.

“This product is quick, safe and noise free to apply. For these reasons, we have found it to be particularly good for carrying out pothole repairs in residential areas.

“Also as the product is not compromised by salt, it is excellent for pothole repairs during all weather conditions.”

Kevin Doyle, chief executive of BG Quick added: “BG Quick are delighted to be working in partnership with Midlothian Council to provide a safe, cost effective, long term repair solution for potholes and other road repairs.”