Council calls on locals to clear pavements

Midlothian Council is looking to residents to treat the pathways outside their homes of snow and ice.

The first snow, ice and heavy frost hit the county last week.

The local authority is reminding residents that in such weather conditions gritters were out round-the-clock clearing priority routes to schools and hospitals and main roads.

A spokesman added that most residential streets are not classed as priority routes.

Therefore, as has always been the case, the council relies on local residents to clear their own path outside their home if possible.

Councillor Derek Rosie (SNP), cabinet member for commercial operations, said: “There are more than 450 grit bins across the county available to help local people clear pavements outside their homes and those of vulnerable neighbours.

“We really value residents’ efforts in helping us keep the county moving in all weathers, including snow.

“The council has never been in a position to keep every residential street clear of snow and ice and has always worked in partnership with the community.

“However, in recent years, we have noticed there is a growing expectation on our staff to get down every road and pavement as soon as bad weather strikes. This is simply unrealistic.”

For more information on what the council does in severe weather and what local people can do please visit