Council depot feedback call

Sara-Jayne Reid.
Sara-Jayne Reid.

The chairman of the Hopefield Residents Association is urging locals to make their feelings clear about the planned council depot in Bonnyrigg.

Sara-Jayne Reid hopes as many local residents as possible submit comments about the proposed scheme to the council as part of the pre-planning consultation which ends on October 28. The proposed development is between Burnbrae Terrace and the B6392 on vacant land south west of Bonnyrigg.

She said: “It’s important that people submit their comments. I have been trying to get round people as much as possible. It’s difficult because people think it will only effect the homes backing on to it. But because there is no actual finished plan yet nobody has any understanding of the additional volume of traffic it will put on the area.

“It will have a knock-on effect to other streets.”

Sara Jayne has collated concerns from the residents’ forum and sent them to the council, with issues ranging from noise and air pollution, access to the site, parking, drainage and wildlife concerns. She added: “People are really concerned.”

A council spokesman said: “When the formal planning application is submitted, residents will be able to make an objection if they are against any aspects of it. This consultation is really to shape what the application will be but people can’t formally object at this stage, only raise questions that may then shape the submitted application.”