Council issues Dalkeith roundabout apology

Wrongly painted lines at Hardengreen roundabout.
Wrongly painted lines at Hardengreen roundabout.

THE meaning of ‘roundabout’ must have been lost on contractors who painted these new lane markings at the junction of the A6094 at Eskbank Roundabout.

Members of the public contacted the Advertiser to point out the new road layout was an accident waiting to happen. The busy roundabout, which forms a six-way junction close to Tesco, is used by thousands of motorists each day.

Painted on Wednesday, the fresh markings had directed motorists onto a central island until the problem was rectified on two days later.

Midlothian Council has since issued an apology. A spokesman confirmed that a contractor had been asked to renew the lines on the road. He said: “The contractor made a mistake. As soon as we learned of that mistake, we immediately painted out the new lines. Apologies to any drivers who have used the roundabout last week when the wrong markings were in place.“

The blunder has been criticised by the Association of British Drivers. Spokesman Brian MacDowall said: “It shows a lack of planning and foresight, and also a lack of checking that the job had been done properly.”

Read full story in the September 13 edition of the Midlothian Advertiser.