Council leader’s apology accepted

Midlothian council leader Cath Johnstone (SNP)
Midlothian council leader Cath Johnstone (SNP)

A local group left disappointed by what it saw as misleading comments from the leader of Midlothian Council, has accepted her written apology.

At the March meeting of Gorebridge Community Council, Midlothian Council leader Cath Johnstone gave the wrong council reserves figure when defending her administration’s decision to cut the Police Community Action Teams.

She also stated that these officers had been removed in the past by Police Scotland to help with large events such as golf tournaments.

Gorebridge Community Council then wrote to Councillor Johnstone asking for an explanation and an apology, which it has now received.

In her letter she told the group she had no intention to mislead them.

Speaking at the group’s latest meeting last week, Gorebridge Community Council secretary Eddie Robertson said: “We asked for an apology and I feel we have now got an apology.

“So I suggest we leave it at that.”

Community council chairman Trevor Taylor agreed, but urged his group to continue to fight against the cuts to Police Community Action Teams in Midlothian, which will be removed all together next April.

He said: “As far as the letter goes, that’s fine.

“But I don’t think the community council should let it lie with regards to the Police Community Action Teams.

“Just listening to tonight’s police report, it’s mostly 
issues that the community action teams would deal with.

“I know that they haven’t been completely cut yet.

“But they are needed in this area and will therefore be really missed.”

A spokesman for Midlothian SNP said: “Midlothian’s Community Councils do fantastic work for our communities and residents and their feedback is incredibly important.

“We will continue to work with them on any concerns or feedback they have.”