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I have been forwarded an email via the Editor from Country Corner reader Callum Herd of Inveresk Estate, showing a couple of pictures from his bird feeder.

Callum says: “I attach a couple of photos I took in the garden today which might be of interest.

“The peanut feeder in our garden normally lasts for approximately one to two weeks. However, recently I have been topping it up every two to three days.

“I watched the feeder this weekend with not being at work and discovered the culprits – two Great Spotted Woodpeckers!

“I was absolutely delighted to see them and they are obviously feeding young with the amount of visits they are making. Long may they continue to visit.”

I have replied to Callum thanking him for his pictures and informing him that he is half right!

These are in fact juvenile woodpeckers, not yet in adult plumage.

In other words, they are not feeding young ones – these are the young ones!

Young Great Spotted Woodpeckers are called Redcaps, as shown by Callum’s wonderful pictures.

Later in adult plumage they will lose these red caps, although the males will have a small red patch on the nape at the back of their heads.

Both adults have red patches under their tails, on the lower belly.

Great Spotted Woodpeckers have only adopted bird feeders over recent years and their populations have grown considerably as a result.

Many thanks to Callum for letting us all see his pictures, and once again may I remind readers that good quality digital pictures of any country or nature-related topic can be emailed to the Editor for future inclusion in Country Corner.

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