Country corner


No doubt our window cleaner doesn’t receive many requests to miss out a window until the eggs hatch!

These eggs – pictured right – are moth eggs, laid by a female moth which for some reason felt it would be a good idea to attatch them to a window of our conservatory!

Of course, I at once had to photograph the eggs, enlarge the picture, and try to find a comparison in my books.

My best guess at present is that they were laid by a Noctuid Moth.

Noctuids are the family containing moths such as the Orange Underwing and Yellow Underwing.

Of course, it is now an ambition to hatch them!

Normally I would take them into captivity in the house to do this, but I didn’t want to risk damaging them by scraping them off the window – thus the strange request to the window cleaner!

If all goes according to plan, I may in due course be able to tell you exactly what species these eggs belong to.

Meantime, just enjoy the beauty of nature’s symmetry and perfect geometry.

Insect eggs come in a diverse variety of shapes and forms, making ideal subjects for amazing macro photographs.

Mind you, finding the eggs to rear and photograph is not a simple task and the naturalist risks some funny looks as he stares intently into bushes and shrubs for minutes on end!

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