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egret for country corner
egret for country corner

Since last mentioning pioneering Little Egrets at Aberlady Bay, they have become a lot more regular.

Only the other day, I watched one fishing just upsteam of the timber footbridge .

Looking as incongruous as ever, a bird of sunny climes on a windswept Scottish estuary, it added an elegant form among the happed and huddled ducks and gulls.

For some time now, two have often been seen, probably the same two seen repeatedly.

However, there are periods of a day or two, sometimes longer, when the egrets are not seen.

Perhaps they are just further out on the flats, or round the corner at Gosford Bay.

Also it may be that birders are becoming blase about them and no longer reporting them.

Even then, it seems there are times when these Aberlady Bay egrets are elsewhere. It puzzles me where that elsewhere is.

If it was somewhere in East or Midlothian, I would expect the birding grapevine to know.

Being brilliant white and upright in posture, they are hardly likely to be missed!

Perhaps they cross to the Fife coast? They may even be making longer flights?

Leg-ringed Little Egrets at Aberlady are known to have been sighted in England as detailed in an earlier article.

But if they were flying that far, wouldn’t their absences tend to be longer?

Whatever the answer, these birds, as well as being incongruous, misplaced travellers, are also a great source of mystery to me.

Where are they when they are not there?

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