Country Corner


We were down south visiting family for Christmas.

As is traditional with many families on Boxing Day, we were keen to walk off the excesses of Christmas.

Imagine my amazement to find ourselves in a scene resembling Princes Street at peak tourist season!

Only then did I realise how lucky we are here in the Lothians to enjoy such tranquil and undisturbed countryside.

In my own case, most of my work is outdoors and on week days.

Frequently I am the only soul in the landscape.

Seeing how crowded some beauty spots near towns can be at weekends and holidays, I now realise how lucky I am.

It seems that I am guilty of taking our quiet places for granted.

This scene also reminds me of my oft-felt impression that town and country folk are different species!

Only town folk could derive any relaxation from walking in such a crowded environment.

So, starting off on a New Year of working in our local countryside, my resolution is never to take it for granted.

I suppose a more serious resolution might be to be wary of urban sprawl, which in time might see this scene repeated here!

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