Country Corner

Country Corner
Country Corner

A scene very much in the news at present is the area known as Seton Fields.

In early March residents of Longniddry, Port Seton and districts will take part in a postal ballot to safeguard the future of this area, long threatened by creeping urbanisation.

This is a unique opportunity for community ownership, guaranteeing the long term future and environmental enrichment of a piece of land which will become increasingly valuable as a rural green space for a growing coastal population.

It can, of course, be difficult for folk to imagine the extent to which natural habitat and wildlife can be returned to former agricultural land.

Sadly there are many these days who were not around before nature in agricultural areas became strangled into oblivion.

In fact, despite the doom and gloom of species reductions we are so used to hearing, nature is a remarkable healer, especially when aided by some judicious planning and planting. The grant aided community purchase of this land is sure to herald a return to a countryside many of us remember fondly as alive with bird song and the buzzing of insects. Local children will be able to experience nature in a way which has become increasingly rare these days. Only one thing stands between the dream and reality. Under the rules of community’s “Right to Buy”, the forthcoming ballot must achieve a 50% response from voters, and 50% of those who vote must be in favour of the purchase. This an enormous ask, but the reward is being able to experience nature as it existed before intensive agriculture and urbanisation, and to ensure the return to nature is maintained for future generations. It’s very simple...just say “Yes”! This is a unique opportunity. Do not miss your chance.

See this week’s East Lothian News for details of our campaign for the community buy-out of Seton Fields