Country Corner

Country Corner - Heron
Country Corner - Heron

No, this isn’t some wonderful exotic species of the type David Attenborough shows us as he whispers from some dripping jungle.

Exotic, graceful and beautiful as the Heron may be, it is a native and familiar old Briton .

Mind you, there may be some garden pond owners reading this who disagree.

In fact there have been times in the past when our own pond has been targetted by this stealthy poacher.

However, like the swaggering pirate of fiction, there is something about the Heron we cannot help but admire.

If ever a bird could be said to have looks to kill, this is it.

In fact, pond owners are among the few folk who will ever see a Heron this close.

Like bird table raiding Sparrow Hawks, here is a species often seen unexpectedly closely through a window as he goes about his trade.

Herons are early nesters and will already have young in the nest.

Some may be surprised to hear that nest will be in a high treetop.

We see herons so often by the riverside or coastal rock pool, we are not inclined to associate them with treetops.

Watch this space also for his cousins,the Little,Great and Cattle Egrets,all of which are among southern species now extending their nesting ranges northwards .

The more the merrier I say!

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