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orange tip for country corner
orange tip for country corner

Where possible, I like to write about events I think you may already have noticed.

Many of you will have noticed the stunning Orange Tip Butterfly in recent weeks.

The species is having a very good year so far. It seems wherever I am working, an Orange Tip will fly past before very long.

What a striking sight they make with the sun lighting their bright white and glowing orange livery.

Although these regular fly pasts make the butterfly seem common, that is only half the story. Only males have orange tipped wings. Females, lacking the orange tips, resemble other white butterflies as they pass by.

In fact, when butterfly surveying, I use the term “fly by whites” to record Small Whites, Green Veined Whites, and female Orange Tips, all of which are small, white, very active, and impossible to tell apart as they flit past. So, even though we are seeing many males, there will be just as many females passing us by !

At the moment of course, it is impossible to guess what type of Summer we will have.

Some cold wet summers are bereft of butterflies. If 2012 turns out that way, the Spring species such as the wonderful Orange Tip may be all we are going to see.

So make the best of it .

Seek out an Orange Tip and marvel at the beauty it!