Country Corner


The weasel, smaller cousin of the stoat, is a great favourite of mine. Each meeting is one to relish as this quicksilver hunter responds to my imitation of a rabbit distress squeal and works its way towards me. Usually the weasel approaches me under cover, only showing itself here and there as it pops its head out, trying to spot me. Of course, it will only see me if I make a movement.

This presents the problem of aiming the camera at it without giving myself away. The trick is to have the camera close to your eye, so that only a small adjustment is needed to frame the hyperactive sprite before it is gone again.

Both weasels and stoats are much more common than most folk realise. Quite simply, they are good at living invisible lives in hedge bottoms, woods and riversides. These are the areas of dense vegetation where plentiful voles, mice, rabbits and birds are to be found .

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