Country Corner

Country Corner - nuthatch
Country Corner - nuthatch

Many thanks once again to Callum Herd for another of his wildlife pictures.

Callum says: “I have noted over the last week or so some ‘different’ sounding bird calls around my garden. I saw what I took to be a tree creeper scrambling up a tree, but on closer examination, I realised that it was a nuthatch!

“I was absolutely delighted, as I have only seen one once before in the 10 years I’ve lived here. There were at least two, possibly three, as they called in unison. It was brilliant seeing them visit the feeder and scramble up adjacent trees.

“Although they were taking the nuts and sunflower hearts away to trees in another garden, possibly to feed youngsters, they also looked to be embedding some seeds in the bark of the trees. Do they store this for later use? Their visit has been the highlight of the year for me to date.”

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