Country Corner


Firstly, my apologies to “I Spy” of Dunbar for this late reply to his letter.

I Spy obviously takes a keen interest in the day to day habits of his local wildlife.

He notes how elder and bramble had very poor fruit production this year due to the wet summer and how those same conditions produced a glut of slugs.

This no doubt suited his regular hedgehog visitor, which is good news as hedgehogs are having a hard time of it at present.

However, despite the scarcity of fly life, his local nesting house martins did well and departed safely for Africa around around the September half moon.

Obviously I Spy lives close to a rookery as he details the way they flock through winter yet act individually through the breeding season.

It strikes me there are carrion crows involved too (pictured) as I Spy describes some crows aggressively challenging gulls for food, and making them back down.

At the time of writing in autumn, his garden birds were beginning to return as they gave up their breeding territories.

Of course they had built their numbers in the meantime,though some species such as blue tits had yet to find the weather and natural food supply deteriorating enough to force them back to the feeders yet.

Again, many thanks for your letter, I Spy.

and once again my apologies for this late reply.