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The moon
The moon

In our modern world many have lost touch with the nuances of nature. The many effects of the moon’s phases is a case in point.

Most of you will know it is the moon’s gravitational pull which causes the ebb and flow of the tide. This of course is why we have our largest tides at full and new moons.

It takes a little more observation to see that light winds often change direction when the tide turns,the mass movement of the sea surface effectively dragging surface air currents along with it.

The old myth about the full moon being the Poachers’ Moon is believed by all but poachers! Why go out on a light night when you can be seen?

The new moon, when the sky is at its darkest, sees more activity among many nocturnal creatures, poachers included.

The Harvest moon is the full moon around the summer equinox when there was enough light for farm staff to work through the night, as often still happens today.

Around October, the Woodcock moon, sees many of these migrants arrive over the North Sea. In fact there are many proven links between the moon’s phases and the timing and navigation of bird and animal migrations.

All of this is an example of old knowledge we must strive to maintain.

Modern people like to think they are unaffected by nature, but that is far from true.

Our very moods can be decreed by the moon.