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Bed bug
Bed bug

Country Corner turns to indoor wildlife this week, namely the Bed Bug!

My photograph shows what to look out for.

Almost as big as a ladybird, this insect is turning up in more and more bedrooms these days.

Hiding away in bed frames and other tight crevices by day, the beastie becomes active at night .

Attracted by body heat and exhaled breath, suffice to say the bed bug lives on blood!

Are you scratching yet?!

Don’t worry, I will spare you the graphic details.

However, take a good look at this week’s picture and commit to memory this large brown insect.

Once you find one, or more likely many, in your bedroom, it becomes a job for the professionals.

Bed Bugs are not the type of insect which lends itself to do-it-yourself pest control.

The one bit of good news is that bed bugs are unlikely to reach your house under their own steam.

Usually they are imported in luggage or second hand furniture, particularly beds.

So keep your eyes open and be prepared to notify the Environmental Services Department of your local council if you even suspect you are playing host to bed bugs!