Country Corner


Meet my friend Fleck, a little female Stoat.

It so happens Fleck’s home territory has one of my camera traps in it.

This means I have approximately 200 photographs of her!

No wonder I look upon her as an old friend.

She takes her name from the very distinctive white flecks on her face which enable her to be recognised as an individual.

Initially, I found a rabbit she had recently killed. It had then been found by a pair of Carrion Crows who were intent on making a meal of it.

My need was greater than theirs, however.

Soon I had the carcase pegged down in a scrub thicket with a camera trained on it.

It took Fleck a day or two to find where I had hidden her kill.

Since then I have replaced the bait a few times.

A fox, rat and a pair of field mice are other regulars at the bait.

I am hoping in time my old friend will bring a litter of kits to the camera.

Stoats can have several kits, so I may have to be a bit more inventive with names if that happens!