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roe deer
roe deer

A doe Roe Deer photographed in early May.

As you can see, the usual graceful lines of the species are somewhat fuller.

She is very obviously pregnant, and within two or three weeks of giving birth to twins.

Locally, it is quite normal for Roe Deer to have twins though often only one will survive to adulthood.

This brings me back to the subject of uncontrolled dogs.

Roe kids do not immediately follow their mother after delivery.

Instead, she takes care to hide them, usually separately, in undergrowth or even in a field crop.

She will return periodically to suckle each of them,before leaving them hidden again.

During this period Roe Deer kids are extremely vulnerable to attack by dogs .

The way I have seen many dogs ‘exercised’, the attack might not be within sight or even earshot of the owner, who may never know the devastation their pet is causing.

Even heavily pregnant deer such as the doe in my picture, could lose their kids as a result of being chased by untrained dogs.

I have met and talked to many dog owners while their dogs are out of sight, chasing whatever they can.

These folk are often oblivious the disturbance and damage their pets are causing.

Hopefully some might now think about this doe, about to enter a very difficult few weeks before her kids are able to run with her.

Please give her a chance.

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