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A coal tit photographed by Helen Kirkness of Roslin.
A coal tit photographed by Helen Kirkness of Roslin.

Helen Kirkness of Roslin, has sent in another very interesting picture and adds the following,

“I got a shot of a coal tit collecting nesting material from my hair bottle. I can remember as a child, birds landing on the backs of local ponies and pulling out their shedding coats for nest material.

“Now I take a plastic bottle with holes in the side and a twig perch and fill it with groomed hair collected over the year - from pony or cat. Then hang it out in spring for the birds to collect.”

What a good idea,a nd one which may appeal to those of you who end up with piles of hair at the end of dog grooming sessions.

My ‘Twig’ has a very woolly coat much to the delight of our local house sparrows, several pairs of which rear chicks on a cumfy mattress.

I tend to stuff her groomings into a vacant nest box and leave some sticking out for them to pull at, like a paper towel dispenser!