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Insects swarming
Insects swarming

As you know, Country Corner usually features a photograph and a few paragraphs explaining what is illustrated.

This week for a wee change I am asking the anglers, and other riverside folk among you, to tell me what this picture shows.

Charlie, the first class chef at the Waterloo Bistro on the banks of the Tyne at Haddington, took this photo on his phone one evening when towering swarns of insects were swaying skywards high above the river.

Apparently this went on for three evenings at the end of May.

I suggested Mayflies but Charlie doesn’t think they were that big.

When I asked how high the towers reached Charlie said he did not know as they were too high to see the tops of them, they just climbed to infinity in the sky!

I have posted the picture on naturalist’s sites on the internet but no identification has been forthcoming.

No doubt the insects have an underwater larval stage, but that is as much as I can guess.

It is my hope Country Corner readers can solve the mystery of this riverside phenomenon.

So, here’s your chance.Let’s see if we can reverse roles this time. Send your suggestions via email or letter to the editor and they will be forwarded to me.

I will let you know in a future Country Corner if we have manage to solve the riddle of the dancing swarms!

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