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Patch, the dog fox.
Patch, the dog fox.

Meet “Patch”,a dog Fox I know well from one of my trail cams.

He is named for a couple of thin patches on his pelt while he was losing his winter coat.

I must have dozens of photographs of him, due to the fact I often leave him a rabbit supper.

Strangely, my brother in Edinburgh probably sees more foxes than me.

Of course, urban foxes do not mind being seen.

Country foxes are much more secretive.

I find their tracks and feeding remains regularly, but sightings are scarce.

This is where my trail cams fill in the gaps.

I am hoping he will turn up with one or two growing cubs in tow.

We are at the time when the dog and vixen take charge of half the litter each .

The adults then teach the cubs how to forage and hunt and generally how to be self sufficient omnivores.

There are many lessons to learn, not least how to avoid humans and dogs.

Those prick ears have no trouble hearing modern humans long before they are near, and, of course, that ever moist and sensitive nose is forever decoding messages carried on the breeze.

Watch this space for more reports of Patch, Fleck, Nae Lugs the rabbit and many more characters, who have no idea I know them!

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