Country Corner

A robin (country corner)
A robin (country corner)

Many thanks to Joy Innes-Greig of Roslin for this week’s question.

Joy says: “I have a wee question for you. I live in Bilston and, almost every night when I take my dog out, I hear a bird singing in the trees opposite our house.

“As it’s dark, I can’t see it but I was just wondering if you might have an idea what bird might be singing at this time of night.

“It has a very lovely and varied song, a bit like a blackbird, but I didn’t think blackbirds sang at night.

“I know this is a big ask but any clues will be gratefully received!”

Well Joy, I am fairly certain your nocturnal chorister is a robin. Robins are well known to sing at night, especially near street lights which I believe is the case with your one.

Furthermore robins are famous for singing in winter when very few other birds do.

Of course they sing at nesting time too,but then you may not notice so much, among all the other singing songbirds.

Another clue you give is the fact it sounds a little like a blackbird. That is because robins are related to blackbirds.

Not quite in the same family, but you might say they are cousins.

I am sure others among you will be hearing this dusk, dawn and darkness song at present.

So now you know,it is just our familiar friend the robin trying to bring a bit of cheer to this dull season.