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A crow harrassing a peregrine falcon
A crow harrassing a peregrine falcon

A pair of peregrines which are well known to me, are just about to start nesting again.

I recently saw one of them eating its prey in the middle of a field.

As is often the case when food is involved, a trio of carrion crows were edging ever closer.

One of these crows was familiar to me.

It has been flightless for some months, perhaps due to a previous brush with the peregrines.

Crows will harass a predator hoping it will give up trying to feed and will leave its meal to them.

In this case the plan backfired.

Just after I took this picture the peregrine decided to teach the crows a lesson.

Launching into low flight it chased them off the field.

This was no great threat to the two which could fly.

The flightless one, however, had to run, hop and flap as fast as it could while the falcon repeatedly dived at it!

Eventually, it reached the safety of the nearest wood.

No doubt that particular crow will think twice before molesting a peregrine again.

In the meanwhile I nipped out to see what the prey was.

Unsurprisingly, it was a golden plover, large numbers of which visit this estate in winter.

Back in the van I kept watch.

Before long the falcon returned to finish her meal.

Of course, this time, she was left to dine in peace!