Country Corner

Scenic view of the Lothians countryside
Scenic view of the Lothians countryside

What can I say? I am a man and men sometimes forget anniversaries!

However, I suspect being a man is no excuse for forgetting our Silver Anniversary, yours and mine.

I have just belatedly realised Country Corner passed that milestone in January.

I doubt if anyone can remember, but this column first appeared on January 27 away back in 1989!

I have it here. It opens with the words “If you are not a birdwatcher, a naturalist or even a country person, fear not, this new countryside column is for you.”

I hope that still holds true.

It is quite a thought that some of you will have grown to adulthood during the past quarter century.

If even one of you has a love of the natural world born from a spark ignited by Country Corner, I have fulfilled my reason for taking every one of those photographs and writing every one of those words.

I don’t want this to sound like an acceptance speech at some television awards ceremony, but there are some people I feel I should thank.

There are the editors and other staff who have supported me all along.

However, I would like to thank you. Many of you have written or more recently emailed me with your observations over the years.

A treasured few have even become regular contributors, the ones I refer to as “friends of Country Corner”.

There are also the kind folk over the years who, spotting the lettering ‘Hogg Estate Services’ on my van, have come over to say hello and say nice things about their enjoyment of my writings.

Many thanks to you all.

I look forward to the future but doubt if I can manage another 25 years! If I do, I promise not to forget next time! Please continue to get in touch, espcially if you are the one whose spark was ignited!

Best regards to all readers of Country Corner, George.