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The orange tip butterfly
The orange tip butterfly

Birdwatchers have the great luck to have interest throughout the year.

Winter visitors such a our great skiens of wild geese.

Summer’s nesters such as our many species of hedgerow songbirds.

Autumn and spring’s coming and going migrants.

All allow the birder four seasons of ever changing interest.

For the butterfly enthusiast it is a different matter of course.

Spring days see him watching and waiting for the first butterfly of the yeae, just as the angler yearns for the opening of the season.

Often that first butterfly of the year may be this beauty, the male Orange Tip.

Orange Tips are creatures of the spring, so quite possibly the observer has not seen one for 10 months or so.

It is akin to a schoolboy with a crush for a circus girl who only comes through town once a year!

However, the long wait only makes the Orange Tip all the more stunning to gaze upon.

At first glance the dazzling orange wing tips crave the eye’s full attention.

Eventually,the longer you look the more detail emerges.

Notice the dotted line around the wing tips, as if some one has cut the picture from a book and been afraid to cut too close for fear of spoiling perfection.

On top of all that is the realisation the orange tip is only the first of many species the year will bring, each in its own season and each just as special.

I suppose you will have gathered by now, I quite like Orange Tips!