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Caitlyn with burnet moths
Caitlyn with burnet moths
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Wee Caitlyn, my granddaughter, has featured here before, all goggle eyed at a woodlouse!

This time she proudly shows off a pair of burnet moths she has found.

My son has made a good job of giving her an interest in nature.

Of course, I try to do the same but being a foraging hunter gatherer type, I may take it a bit too far.

This was brought home to me recently when I saw a bonny wee wild flower I thought she would like.

It being a very common species, I picked it and handed it to her, whereupon she said loudly and with exasperation: “Grumpy, I’m NOT eating it!”

I must admit she is usually much more willing to get stuck into nature and is as agile as a monkey up trees and even rock faces!

In the old days, all country kids had a wild and free upbringing.

Thankfully, there is a trend towards re-wilding our youngsters with suggestions available from many of our countryside organisations.

There has even been a documentary film release, Project Wild Thing, about a father’s attempts at re-wilding his children. Surely we cannot allow the traditional outdoor childhood to vanish into history, to be replaced by an existence I cringe to think of.

It is now mid summer and there are no excuses.

Try the Find Five game.

Take your kids out to an open space, take a wee peek around to spot a handful of common things in the area then shout out the names of five. Maybe a dandelion leaf, a buttercup flower, a feather, a pine cone and a rabbit poo!

The winner is the first one back with all five. Kids love it .

But be careful,don’t try playing this game with one of the Caitlyns of this world.

You won’t stand a chance!