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A woodpigeon
A woodpigeon

“Cushies”, or wood pigeons to be proper, are on the up.

They are one of our few increasing species, due mainly to their adoption of bird feeders.

Not only has the bird feeding craze of recent years brought about a population surge among woodies, it has also brought about a change in their choice of habitat.

Urban woodpigeons were very unusual in the old days.

Now they are the norm.

Mind you, I did not realise just how trusting of man they were becoming until I found this cushie nest in a farmers garage!

Here you see the doo on its nest against the back wall of the garage.

This, of course, means it has to fly towards anyone entering the garage.

Not so long ago cushies would only ever fly away from man, due to the constant war waged upon them for their crop raiding lifestyle.

As far as I recall this is the first cushie nest I have ever seen that is not in a tree or high shrub.

Have any readers such a tame woodie at their feeders?

I know some folk are not keen on big birds at bird feeders as they feel it is unfair on the smaller ones.

On the other hand, cushies are such gentle, portly characters that some folk end up giving them names and buying grain mixtures especially for them!

Go ahead and do so if that is what you want.

Just keep your garage door shut!