Country Corner

Davy's kestrel
Davy's kestrel

My friend Davy from Grantshouse sends us this picture taken through an upstairs window.

It shows a kestrel sitting on the outside windowsill!

Davy’s wife spotted the bird and was surprised it did not fly off.

Gingerly she eased back and went for a camera.

The bird was still there, and again allowed a slow, quiet approach for this picture to be taken.

Maybe the hawk was prevented from seeing in due to reflections.

Or maybe it was just a young innocent one.

Either way, here is one of those rare occasions when we suddenly find ourselves face to face with nature at much closer range than the creature would normally allow.

Usually this happens to me when I am sitting still, watching the world go by or waiting for some other animal to come along.

I recall once standing in a wood, looking out over the fence just as I expected deer to emerge at dusk.

A slight movement by my side made me look down to see a female roe deer standing beside my leg and surveying the field just as I was!

Obviously the wind was from her towards me or this would never have happened.

You can fool a deer’s eyes but never its nose.

I could have waited to see how long it took her to notice me.

I could even have gently placed a hand on her shoulder, but that would have given her a real fright.

So I just quietly said “Hello Lass”.

She shot back into the woods as if she had been electrocuted!