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An autumnal sunset makes up for all the grey days
An autumnal sunset makes up for all the grey days

On a recent grey, wet day when I endured one soaking after another, it was a relief to see the rain finally lighten in late afternoon.

This was accompanied by some spectacular steep and deeply coloured rainbows set against autumn’s russet treescape and the brooding dark cloudscape.

However, there was still no sign of a crack in the great mass of grey cloud which obscured the entire sky overhead.

Even more beautiful, as sunset approached and the sun finally sank low enough in the west to look in under the cloud layer, that entire grey sky was suddenly underlit in bright orange and gold.

Of course, in my line of work I have seen countless amazing sunsets and dawns, including in my beloved Africa, so it takes something special to make me reach for the camera.

This was one of those times.

Photographs can never capture the full majesty of such a special event, but at least the picture holds enough detail to remind me of the scene.

Despite my soggy clothes and muddy dogs and damp everything else, somehow those last few minutes of the day made up for all the truly dank hours which I had just worked through.

Farmer friends and other countrymen of my ken have often confided in me their favourite veiws.

One where they will park thier landrover or tractor early in the morning or on the way home after a late shift at the lambing.

Such moments they will tell you, ‘make all the hard work worthwhile’.

I couldn’t agree more.