Country Corner with George Hogg


Not the sharpest picture of a hare you will ever see.

However, I decided to use this shot for a very good reason.

Being on the road, it shows the full length of those amazing rear legs, giving the animal a kangaroo-like appearance!

Of course this is what gives hares their incredible speed to escape predators.

Add to that speed an ability to turn very sharply, and leap over any obstacle, and you have an animal that is practically uncatchable!

Of course, if a hare cannot be caught by speed it must be caught by stealth.

Predators such as foxes must scent the hare from down wind and try to stalk within striking range while remaining undetected.

Hares are well prepared for such tactics though.

Those long, independently mobile ears are constantly listening in all directions for the slightest warning.

Also you will notice, the eyes on the sides of the head allow all round vision, even to the rear.

Furthermore, hares tend to sit with their backsides into the wind.

This allows them to watch for attack in one direction, while relying on their noses to warn them of any enemy behind them.

Their wonderful camouflage also gives them the confidence to sit tight, sure they will not be noticed as enemies pass close by.

This is why hares so often startle humans by suddenly erupting from scant cover practically under your feet, to streak off, long before your heart has got over the shock!

These are only the physical powers of the hare.

If we are to believe history, mystery and superstition, these creatures have long had magic powers.

Personally I don’t need to believe any of that.

The hare has more than enough real magic about it for me!