Cousland residents: ‘Why weren’t we told of turbines?’

The view from Phil Calvert's house
The view from Phil Calvert's house

Residents in Cousland are furious after two 40ft-high wind turbines recently appeared in the village without their prior knowledge.

Phil Calvert is one of the locals worried that the wind turbines, on land at Cousland Equestrian Centre, could affect local house prices.

He said: “Apparently it’s all been done right by the book. But you only have to give notice to people living within 20 metres. This was planned in 2012 but we were never informed. It’s basically put a severe blight on the community. It’s not just the visual impact but they will have an economic impact on people’s properties here.

“One of the reasons I bought my home is because of the green belt here and therefore the view of the countryside.

“We are not against the principle of wind farms, what we are against is the planning of them. Why should these be on our doorstep with us not being told?

“If I wanted to put an extension on my house I would have to jump through hoops to get planning permission.”

Midlothian Council said: “Upon receipt of the applications the planning authority carried out the necessary statutory neighbour notification, publicity and consultation procedures.”

The Advertiser made various attempts to contact Cousland Equestrian Centre for a comment but none was forthcoming.

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