Bike yobs cause wall damage

Arniston Estate perimeter wall. Carrington Road at Braidwood Bridge
Arniston Estate perimeter wall. Carrington Road at Braidwood Bridge

A group of motorcyclists are suspected of causing severe damage to a wall at the historic Arniston Estate near Gorebridge.

Between the hours of 10.30am and 12.30pm on February 4, a number of witnesses reported seeing and hearing as many as eight individuals on motorcross/dirt bikes on Arniston Estate.

During this time, the perpetrators are suspected of destroying a section of the wall on Carrington Road at Braidwood Bridge.

Police revealed that the suspects entered the estate via Gore Glen. The access point has since been restructured to prevent further motorised access, with CCTV also extended on the estate.

Police have appealed for any witnesses to come forward with details on the colour and design of the bikes, as well as the colour of the helmets worn. The group were also spotted near Temple, at Carrington Barns and on the road heading up towards Edgelaw.

A spokesman for Arniston Estate said: “Besides the issues of vandalism and blatant disrespect for the law, these individuals and any motorised vehicles pose a significant risk to the health and safety of walkers, pets, wildlife and the integrity of the eco-systems. If you have any information regarding the identities, or that could assist the police in identifying the vehicles involved in events on February 4 please contact Police Scotland and/or the Arniston Estate Office.”

Arniston Estate was built in 1726 and has been home to the Dundas family for almost 400 years.