Dalkeith ‘hit and run’ witness appeal

Police are appealing for witnesses after a parked car was struck by another vehicle in a hit and run incident in Dalkeith High Street.

The crash happened at around 2.30am on Sunday, August 28, when a car, thought to be red, struck a grey Skoda Fabia at high speed before driving off.

The accident caused considerable damage to the back of the Fabia, and CCTV images show that the suspect car may have sustained damage to the front, including a smashed headlight. The vehicle swerved partially onto the opposite carriageway, turning right into Edinburgh Road, and travelling towards Sheriffhall roundabout.

Police want to speak to anyone with information or who has seen a vehicle with similar damage.

Officers also want to speak to the driver of a black minivan type vehicle, possibly a taxi, which was forced to brake when the suspect vehicle swerved onto the wrong carriageway.