Loanhead property developer jailed for firearms offences

The High Court, Glasgow.
The High Court, Glasgow.

A property developer with a fascination for weapons was yesterday (Tuesday) jailed for 46 months.

Douglas Urquhart (45) from Loanhead confessed to police who turned up at his home on an unrelated matter that he owned firearms.

However, a check revealed that he had no firearms certificate for four air rifles.

Urquhart also ordered four front venting firearms by post. These weapons are banned in the UK.

At the High Court in Glasgow judge Lady Stacey told Urquhart: “We have very strict gun laws and there is a reason for this. Even weapons of this sort can be used by people to threaten others and these weapons can be modified.

“I accept you kept them safely and you had no ammunition, but Parliament takes this sort of offence very seriously and these offences can attract a sentence up to 10 years in prison.”

Urquhart had earlier admitted having four air rifles without a firearms certificate and also having the four front venting starting pistols without the permission of the Secretary of State or the Scottish ministers or a firearms certificate.

The court heard that the front vented pistols were discovered when police searched Urquhart’s home in High Street, Loanhead, on May 17.

They discovered a locked door leading to a basement garage. Urquhart opened the door using an electronic keypad and then provided access to a further ‘panic’ style room located behind a wardrobe.

The starting pistols were found there along with flare launching adaptors and cleaning brushes.

Defence counsel Tony Lenehan said: “Mr Urquhart applied for a shotgun licence and an air weapons licence. The shotgun licence was not granted because he did not have a sporting need and he did not realise he had not been granted the air guns licence.

“Mr Urquhart, who is a joiner and property developer, has a fascination with 18th century firearms. He has for instance miniature Derringer pistol that a lady would have carried in her purse.

“With regard to the front venting pistols he ordered them openly using his own name, his own bank card and had them delivered to his own door.

“He wanted them for their aesthetics. This whole incident has been traumatic, shameful and embarrassing for him.”