Police investigate Bonnyrigg abduction attempt of an eight-year-old girl

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Police are investigating after a man in a boiler suit tried to lure an eight-year-old car into his car in Bonnyrigg.

The mum of the child claimed the man was wearing a boiler suit and invited the youngster into a red car, on Saw Mill Gardens in Bonnyrigg, at 8.30pm on Sunday.

In a social media post on a community page she said: “Just to make parents aware an old man, grey hair, with a beard and black boiler suit, tried to get my eight-year-old daughter to get in his car, Saw Mill, Bonnyrigg around 8.30 tonight.

“The car is described as old red and faded, possibly had red fluffy dice hanging on the mirror which he then took off and a chucked them in to the back, if any one has CCTV please let me know, so that any information can be passed on to the police.”

A police spokesman confirmed that the incident had been reported, adding: “Police are investigating a suspicious incident in the Bonnyrigg area after a male driver engaged a young girl in conversation. Police are considering all evidential avenues, including CCTV, to ascertain the circumstances around this incident.

“The incident occurred at Saw Mill Gardens around 9pm on the 4th of August. Enquiries are ongoing.”