Rise in house break-ins reported

Stock shot of burglar.
Stock shot of burglar.

The number of house break-ins reported in Midlothian last year rose by a staggering 73 per cent, but police said increased home security saw fewer thieves getting in.

A report on crimes across the county revealed that domestic housebreaking incidents had risen from 84 reported in 2017/18 to 145 last year. However, it said the percentage of reports in which thieves managed to gain access to homes had fallen from 78 per cent to 59 per cent.

The police said overall housebreaking offences, which cover businesses and non-residential buildings, was down 24 per cent despite the sharp rise in attempts on people’s homes.

A report to Midlothian Police and Fire and Rescue Board said: “Education around crime prevention and securing property appears to be improving with 41 per cent of all domestic housebreakings being attempts and 50 per cent being successful.

“The previous year 78 per cent of break-ins were successful – ie entry was gained to premises.”

The annual report of crimes across Midlothian also revealed what Police Scotland described as a “considerable rise” in domestic abuse incidents of nearly 20 per cent.

Drug crimes were also up by just over 45 per cent year on year with the number of drugs possession charges increasing by 68 per cent.

The police report also revealed the value of cash and assets seized in Midlothian as a result of drugs action over the last year was in excess of £1 million.

However antisocial behaviour incidents were down by eight per cent from 6,341 reported in 2017/18 to 5,835 last year.

Crimes of dishonesty were also down slightly, however hate crimes saw a rise from 83 reports in 2017/18 to 100 last year.