Sheriffhall drink driver stopped by other motorists

Police Scotland
Police Scotland

‘Concerned’ motorists stopped a vehicle that was being driven ‘erratically’ with no lights on the Edinburgh Bypass - and it turned out the driver was six times over the legal drink-drive limit.

The car was stopped at Sheriffhall on Friday (December 6) by other motorists on the road.

Dalkeith Road Policing unit arrived at the scene and when the driver of the car, which had no lights on, was breathalysed at the side of the road, the result came back as more than six times over the legal limit.

A lower reading of 148mcg per 100ml of breath was recorded. The legal limit is just 22mcg.

Road Policing Scotland said on Twitter: “A driver was stopped by concerned motorists at Sheriffhall after witnessing the vehicle being driven erratically with no lights on. #DalkeithRP attended & driver failed the roadside breath test, providing a lower reading of 148 (limit 22) at the station.”