Dalkeith and Woodburn group continues to serve its senior citizens

Catering for pension age residents in Dalkeith and Woodburn, Dalkeith Old People’s Welfare Committee has been meeting at St Andrew’s Street since 1966.

However, its roots can be traced back to 1957, when on November 4 a seed was planted during a public meeting inside the Council Chambers.

The purpose of the meeting, which took place upon the initiative of the Public Health Committee of Dalkeith Town Council, was to consider the desirability of establishing an organisation which would have as its special interest the welfare of the old people of the town.

The outcome was the formation of an ad hoc committee with terms of reference to enquire into the facilities already operating for the benefit of the aged, and to recommend to a further meeting of the public whether there was sufficient justification for the creation of an Old People’s Welfare Committee.

The committee went on to seek information from the National Assistance Board, Midlothian County Council and other individuals, including district nurses, whose vocation brought them into close contact with elderly residents at home.

In 1958 the ad hoc committee recommended that the general public and other organisations should take steps to establish an Old People’s Welfare Committee in Dalkeith.

The following year, on June 11, the Dalkeith Advertiser reported that the Town Council had agreed to gift £1500 to the Welfare Committee for the purpose of building a new clubroom in the Burgh.

Read full story in the November 22 of the Midlothian Advertiser.