Dalkeith couple star in Vinnie Jones ad

Angela & Derek Burt, Shade Park Gardens, Dalkeith.
Angela & Derek Burt, Shade Park Gardens, Dalkeith.

A Dalkeith couple’s brush with death has led to a starring role alongside Vinnie Jones.

When joiner Derek Burt’s alarm sounded at 6am on January 31, he immediately knew that something was wrong.

His partner Angela’s face was turning blue and her eyes and mouth were wide open – she was having a heart attack.

The scene had tragic echoes to the one just days earlier when Derek had discovered his mother Etta dying of heart-related problems in the bedroom of her house next door.

On seeing his partner’s condition, quick-thinking Derek (49) remembered watching a TV advert featuring Vinnie Jones just weeks earlier.

The British Heart Foundation (BHF) ad, which told viewers how best to resuscitate a cardiac arrest victim, showed the hardman actor demonstrating the technique on a ‘geezer’ who has collapsed in an empty warehouse, while Bee Gees pop classic Stayin’ Alive played in the background.

Pulling Angela onto the floor of their Shadepark Gardens home, Derek carried out chest compressions and phoned for an ambulance.

He told the Advertiser this week: “There was no panic – I just did what I had to do to make sure that she didn’t die.”

Read full story in the November 29 edition of the Midlothian Advertiser.