Dalkeith hub is ‘back on track’

Dalkeith Miners Welfare Club, Woodburn
Dalkeith Miners Welfare Club, Woodburn

Part of the Advertiser’s role as a weekly newspaper is to scrutinise local government while best representing the needs of the people of Midlothian.

In Dalkeith the pressing need is for community facilities.

Recently we laid down a straightforward challenge – speak up if you feel the town is being shortchanged in this department.

The response from readers has been unprecedented.

Our ‘Give us a Hub’ campaign was borne out of a frustration that the town has been left to stand in the corner while neighbouring communities celebrate multi-million pound council investment.

Equally, the local authority has failed to deliver on its 2011 promise to replace what was taken away when the Dalkeith Community Centre was flattened to make way for houses.

And so it was ironic that, in the same week we launched our campaign, ward Councillor Margot Russell (Lab) revealed how three-year-old plans for a £1.5 million community project in the Woodburn area of Dalkeith were now “back on track”.

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