Dalkeith stops the scammers

Jimmy Campbell of  Citizens Advice Bureau, Dalkeith
Jimmy Campbell of Citizens Advice Bureau, Dalkeith

Fraudsters are being caught out by a Dalkeith campaign.

The local Citizen’s Advice Bureau (CAB) is hoping to stop scammers by raising awareness of the different tricks doing the rounds, such as a sneaky phone-call from scammers pretending to be your telephone provider. They tell you that you owe them a fairly small amount, around £30, and say you need to pay immediately. If you don’t, you will be disconnected which will cost £180 to fix. Then, they prove their point telling you to call 0800 0800 152 and then they disconnect the call - except they haven’t. When you call the other number, it will sound like the line is dead so you believe that you have been disconnected. Actually, the scammer hasn’t hung up and has just put the phone on mute. Later on, they call back and ask you to pay the money you owe them. This devious trick sadly fools a lot of vulnerable and older people, so on Saturday, Jimmy Campbell from the Dalkeith CAB will be talking on Black Diamond Radio at 11.15am about how you can protect yourself. To report a scam, contact Dalkeith CAB on 0131 660 1636.